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Recruitment Training and Performance Services 
We offer a hands-off, worry-free training platform, enabling firm owners and team managers to focus on growing and managing their businesses. 

Our content draws on the experience of some of the most successful recruiters and trainers in the industry. We teach what has been proven to work time and again. Each course utilizes a combination of video presentations, reading materials, 

Recruiter Training

Foundations - Novice Training, Part 1

A low-cost solution for your junior consultants. When they're done with this, they'll be ready to roll.  We cover all the basics, from defining a niche to building a marketing plan, approaches to clients and candidates, interviewing, making effective introductions, monitoring the client-candidate interview process and closing deals. Cost includes three online follow-up sessions. See the full curriculum here.

Available at JPY 60,000 per student joining one of our monthly open classes, or at JPY 300,000 for groups of five to ten trainees at your office.  Discounts available to firms sending more than five students per year.  

Next Steps - Novice Training, Part 2

Once a new hire has proven they can make placements, it's time to put on the finishing touches. One day of upgrades to the skills taught in Part 1. The focus here is on generating consistent and growing revenue, and hitting performance targets. See full curriculum here. 

Available at JPY100,000 per student joining one of our quarterly open classes, or at JPY 400,000 total for groups of four to ten trainees.

From Recruiter to Trusted Advisor - Training for Tenured  Consultants

After working as contingency recruiters for some time, exceptional individuals are ready to take it to the next level. This program transforms recruiters into  trusted advisors. We teach how to
add value to senior clients' situations and maintain long-term, profitable relationships. Consultants learn how to develop, sell and deliver on retained searches. Curriculum here. 

workshop available for groups of up to ten trainees at JPY 1,000,000 total, or at JPY 200,000 per student joining one of our open classrooms, offered twice per year for this content

Researcher Training

A low-cost, one-day introduction to the methods and tools of research. Focus is on role-playing typical phone research scenarios. Curriculum is here. 

Available as a monthly open class, charged at JPY 50,000 per trainee. 

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discussions, role plays and quizzes to ensure an entertaining and effective learning experience.

All courses can be adjusted to incorporate clients' own content.

Training is just the first step. We offer regular follow-up and coaching to make the newly learned skills and knowledge stick. Basic follow-up over four weeks is included in the price of each course. More in-depth and individualized follow-up and coaching are offered as part of our Performance Services.

See the sample video for an idea of the quality of our content. Contact us for three days of free access to our entire library. 
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