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Recruitment Training and Performance Services 
Recruiting team managers and firm owners need help on many fronts but nowhere more than with managing themselves and others. That's because they're entrepreneurs who know a thing or two about business development, sales and consulting. But unlike their peers in big corporate environments, nobody prepares them for the challenges that come with having people report to them and structure to manage. They rarely benefit from management development training and mentoring.

It's not rocket science but it does need to be learned. Take yourself to the next level. 
Effective Self-Management

Drawing on classics like the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People as well as the latest from psychology and productivity science, we teach how to stay effective and keep advancing when the task load and demands from all sides just keep growing. Full curriculum here.

Taught as a one day open class once every six months at JPY 100,000 per student. Please ask about pricing for delivery as in-house training.

Effective Leadership

Each person is different, and what you think works may in fact not work. When you're done with this workshop you'll be able to break through some of the more frustrating issues you face with your team members. Full curriculum here. 

Taught as a two-day open course twice per year, at JPY 150,000 per student. 

Financial Management for Firm Owners

You're asking for trouble if you don't understand your own financial statements. Learn how to read them, see how others have grown their businesses through smart financial management, and get ready for the next recession. Curriculum here. 

Taught once per year, as a two day open course, spread over two dates, with homework in between. JPY 150,000 per student.  

Manager and Owner Coaching

Please visit the Performance Services section to learn more about personal coaching services. 
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